Pre GEW Event-Teen Enterprise Week

Teen Enterprise Week is an initiative of the Enterprise Development Centre. This week long program was held at the EDC building in the Lagos Business School Campus from the 18th to 22nd of July, 2016. The program was aimed at 40 teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 years interested in business and self-development. 


The main goal of Teen Enterprise Week was to build the next generation of wealth creators and to get teenagers to begin to think with an entrepreneurial mind set of problem solving.

Some of the objectives TEW include: 

  1. Creating the next generation of wealth creators
  2. To create a platform for like-minded teenagers to network with one another
  3. capacity building
  4. To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within teenagers


The main highlights of the Teen Enterprise Week were;

  1. The team building sports session on the field
  2. The panel session on ‘Mind, Body and Soul’
  3. The communication and presentation class which highlighted a disconnect between the teenagers and their parents. This led to EDC organizing a breakfast meeting which was well attended by the Parents on ‘communicating with your teenager’.
  4.  Networking 101 with Ndiana Mathew, Founder of Youth Entrepreneurship Summit
  5. Starting a business on a shoestring budget. In this session, groups of teens got to come up with a business idea with a capital of 10 thousand naira and pitch to a panel
  6. Write in down and make it happen facilitated by Oluyomi Ojo of Printivo