Miss Enterprise Nigeria (MENI) Business Pageant

ENGENDERING BENEFITS FOR ALL! Gender inequalities affect the ways in which value chains operate at all levels. Promoting gender justice can result in ‘win–win’ benefits for women, men and enterprises throughout the chain, as well as national economies. Women are important as producers and workers in most value chains, supplying national and international markets with both traditional and high-value products/ services. Yet there is evidence that women are often marginalized or excluded from the more profitable businesses. Value chain interventions may actually increase such disparities. Recent research by the World Bank, IFPRI and others shows that gender inequalities are a key constraint on economic growth and a major cause of poverty not only for women, but also their families and communities. Value chain interventions aim to upgrade the chain as a contributor to national economic growth, but also to contribute to poverty reduction by making sure that workers and small producers are the main beneficiaries of the upgrading. But most of the interventions carried out by development agencies continue to ignore gender issues despite official commitments to the contrary. As a result, women are not only often excluded, but gender inequalities actually increase, which further contributes to the unacceptably high gender disparities on all human development indicators. It is on this ground that we are pleased to introduce the Global Entrepreneurship Week-Miss Enterprise Nigeria Initiative (MENI) to you and your organization. The GEW-MENI event is a not for profit/ social enterprise project established to invest in the future of young women in entrepreneurship; a cause to harness, cultivate, inspire and connect the potentials of young women and youths into Nigeria’s main stream entrepreneurial ecosystem as Start-up Models to invoke and spark the spirit of enterprise. GEW-MENI is uniquely built with creativity, innovation, special style of delivery and thematic thrust of going beyond beauty and pageantry to creating an exclusive hybrid of business, glamour and charitable trust to support young women in SMEs and influence the psych of young people with unrivaled positive impacts of raising awareness level, developing and empowering enterprising young women to overcome funding and social capital snags in starting and managing SMEs, as well as providing young women the opportunity to grow as well-rounded entrepreneurs with special inclinations committed to improving the social space through activities that foster entrepreneurship growth and poverty reduction in both rural and urban communities. GEW-MENI is wired as an annual event to celebrate SMEs and engage the private sector, civil societies and governments to take advantage of the huge opportunities and mutual self-interest available to work in partnerships to help set-up young people in business. We believe this is essentially about competitiveness not just compassion, and about investment in the future of business not just charity. Hence, GEW-MENI presents an opening for your organization to earn valid identity with an influential trending area of corporate social development (CSR) and access to cause marketing platform for maximum impacts and improved corporate image, as well as direct adverts. The main outcome of your involvement in the 2016 GEW-MENI is the golden chance to support young people and help the Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship Development realize its mission of accelerating entrepreneurship; empower young women to own SMEs, promote, inspire, enthuse, entertain, educate and motivate women and the society at large. Your contribution is an investment in the future of young women and youths as beneficiaries of this strategic synergy to help them escape the poverty circle and become fulfilled in life.